Global PBS™ has identified several initial applications for this technology. As we explore with scientist, engineers and technology experts, new applications are being continuously realized. We encourage you to bookmark the website and follow our progress.

  • Pest Detection
    • Our Sensors offer cost-effective early detection for pest management professionals (PMP). Real-time detection with a high degree of accuracy will greatly enhance efforts to control pests such as termites, roaches, bedbugs, rodents and lice in residential and commercial environs.
  • Agriculture
    • Interest in Agricultural applications is far reaching. The growing numbers of invasive pests that threaten food supplies around the world can be detected. Beetles, fruit flies, weevils, and many other pests can be detected early enough to avoid crop ruin, financial losses to farmers and increased prices to consumers
  • Turfgrass
    • Golf course owners tell us they have several key issues: 1) State restrictions on the amount of pesticides that can be used in a given period of time; 2) Best method practices (BMP) don't always target pest such as mole crickets at the most effective time. 3) Expensive pesticides are wasted and replacement of turfgrass disrupts operations because of failure to treat in the right location at the right time; 4) leaching of manufactured substances into area waters from over-treating or "preventative" application is a growing environmental concern. Consider the benefits of "targeted" application of minimal amounts of pesticide to achieve the same results

      Any turfgrass environment offers the same opportunity as a golf course to benefit from this technology. Sports complexes are good examples - baseball, soccer, and polo to name a few

      Municipalities with public parks, schools, and monument grounds maintained by taxpayer dollars would also benefit from cost effective reduction of "random application" of pesticides
  • Forestry
    • The "early warning" nature of our Sensor System will be very valuable to the agencies that are researching methods to control the mountain pine beetle destruction in western Canada (and now the northwest US). This pest plagues Canada's Number 1 Industry, threatening to destroy thousands of acres of prime forest
    • We know the beetle is present for several months before damage occurs. Early detection would offer an opportunity for re-directing harvesting and other loss prevention options. We are investigating use of a "line of defense" sensor pattern for high value areas like like old growth timber, parks and recreation areas, and city areas with arbors trees. Intelligent "herding" and "repelling" methodologies are being researched
  • Viticulture
    • Opportunity exists to assist the wine industry with early detection of mold or fungus that occurs in the late stages of growth when grapes contain high concentrations of sugar. Mold and fungus is indeed biological and therefore subject to detection by our Sensors (Sauternes, of course, are the exception to mold concerns).